A safe space to pursue your dream.

The Hangout at Homeroom Health is a space just for teens and young adults up to age 24. Stop in for free wifi and coffee, and talk with a team member about going to college, getting a job or seeing a doctor. Don’t worry about having an appointment - just show up and we’ll help you, no strings attached.

  • Free Wifi

  • Coffee + Snacks

  • Desktop Computers

  • Showers

  • Open Monday - Friday

  • 8 a.m. - 5.p.m.

  • No Appointment Necessary

  • Apple + Android Charging Stations

Let us help with:

Community Support

  • Heal from Trauma

  • LGBTQ+ Support

  • Mental Health Services

  • Medical Care

  • Food & Basic Hygiene

  • Housing Support

  • Relationship Education Classes

  • Child Care Solutions

Pursuing College

  • FAFSA Application Support

  • College Application Support

  • Scholarship Application Support

Landing a Job

  • Job Listings

  • Practice Interview Skills

  • Resume Support

  • Transportation Solutions



You’re not in this alone.

Come chat with us about the things standing in the way of your dreams.


Want to speak to someone directly?