Access to quality healthcare is a right all children deserve.

That’s why Cornerstones of Care has partnered with KC CARE Health Center to launch Homeroom Health, a fully-integrated pediatric health center for infants, children, teens and young adults. As trauma-informed experts in child welfare and behavioral health, we specifically considered the unique challenges of children and teens in foster care when designing Homeroom Health.

Preparing for a child to enter your home?

Pre-schedule appointments for these state-required services:

Within 24 hours of entering your care

  • Complete a Traditional Physical Exam

Within 30 days of entering your care

  • Complete a Full Healthy Children and Youth (HCY) Exam

  • Complete Comprehensive Physical & Developmental Assessment, including dental, vision and hearing screenings.

Every 6 months the child is in your care

  • Complete a Dental Exam

Having experienced abuse and neglect, children in foster care have complex medical and psycho-social needs that require consistent, integrated care.

  • Due to frequent placement moves, children in foster care tend to be underserved, yet over medicated.

  • Teens in foster care have told us they are tired of telling their story over and over again to new providers.

  • Homeroom Health provides fully-integrated medical, dental and behavioral healthcare.

  • Homeroom Health will serve as the child’s primary medication manager.

  • Homeroom Health will serve as a centralized hub for all healthcare records.

Children in state custody are 4x more likely to be prescribed psychotropic medication than their peers.

With your help, we can change that.

Integrated Care We Offer


Primary Care

  • Short-Term Needs

  • Long-Term Wellness


Dental Care

  • Preventive

  • Restorative

Talk to someone

Behavioral Care

  • Help the child in your care feel like a child again by beginning the healing process.


Need to speak to someone directly?